Essential Telehealth Communication for All

Bridging the Gap Between Doctors and Patients

Through easy virtual scheduling options, doctors can keep in touch with their patients all while inputting important information within their patient’s files. Any new notes, prescriptions, documents or lab reports that doctors want to share with their patients can be sent directly to their patient’s portal account, which they can access 24/7 from anywhere.

Virtual waiting rooms allow nurses to speak with patients beforehand when necessary and allow doctors to see the order and priority of their patients.

Through high-quality virtual appointment means, doctors also have the option of hosting group telehealth video chats. This allows others to join in such as techs, scribes, medical assistants, translators, or caregivers, providing a similar experience to in-office visits.

Appointment Types

Patients have the option of booking a phone, instant messaging or video chat with their doctor. For chat and video appointments, patients receive a link to follow and must complete a security check to ensure their identity. Once this is done, they automatically join the video or instant messaging appointment and wait for their doctor to arrive.

Hello Health's Australia: Appointment Types

Online Patient Portal

The Hello Health Telehealth solution is easy to use for doctors and practice staff and is also highly convenient for patients. Not only can they receive the quality care they are used to from the comfort and safety of their home, but they also get a secure patient portal. Their account provides access to any visit notes, prescriptions, secure messages, lab reports and more that their doctor chooses to share with them. They can even access their secure account from the mobile app.

Hello Health's Australia: Online Patient Portal

Appointment Notifications

After booking and before their consultation, patients receive an appointment confirmation and reminder to ensure they don’t forget their appointment and connect at the time they chose. This significantly reduces the rate of no-shows and allows doctors to bill patients for virtual meetings and continue to capture meaningful revenue, even at a distance.

Hello Health's Australia: Appointment Notifications

Benefits of Virtual Care

The Hello Health Telehealth tool gives doctors the ability to connect with patients at the touch of a button while still capturing important revenue. The flexibility of the virtual scheduling capabilities provides many options for every type of patient, whether they are tech-savvy or not.

  • High-quality video
  • Online appointments
  • Access to patient records
  • Easy billing
  • Increases access to care
  • Promotes care coordination
  • Includes patient portal