About Hello Health

What Defines and Differentiates Hello Health?

Hello Health’s goal is to ultimately provide doctors and medical practices with technology that helps them be more efficient and put their patients at the center of their health care journey.  

The technology-enabled platform and services, comprising of the EHR, Practice Management System, Telehealth tools and Patient Portal, allow practitioners to enhance patient engagement, all while automating their processes and increasing their revenue. It provides them with the right tools to take control of their practice and concentrate more on providing quality care. 

Our Mission & Vision

A healthcare future driven by thriving, independent practices. 

Hello Health strives to provide practices with unparalleled services through customized implementation processes, easy training, and dedicated, ongoing support. Our trackable services allow practitioners to bill for services they often let slide, generating additional revenue every day. 

How Can We Help?

Hello Health was built with physicians, for physicians. This is why the entire Hello Health team is dedicated to providing physicians and independent medical practices with affordable tools that help them: 

  • Be more efficient
  • Automate their processes
  • Build stronger patient relationships
  • Generate more revenue
  • Retain their independence

Why We Do What We Do

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Hello Health believes that EHRs should be easy and intuitive to use and the software behind Practice Management systems should help practices become more efficient, without impeding on daily workflows. Furthermore, Patient Portals should provide a way for patients to feel empowered over their health and closer to their care team. 

The basic needs behind these should be addressed, all the while providing countless time-saving benefits to physicians and their patients, without needing to break the bank. 

Hello Health significantly improves the experience for both providers and patients by reducing paperwork, integrating billing, streamlining processes and leveraging online and mobile communication applications. This allows providers and patients to engage efficiently and conveniently. 

Our customizable system allows everyone to use Hello Health according to their needs and budget, making it accessible to all practices. 

Leadership Team

At the heart of Hello Health is a strong, dedicated leadership team that strives to better physician and practice workflow. Hello Health provides the technology that helps doctors be more efficient in their work and with their time, allowing them to concentrate on their patients and provide the quality care they always have.

Hello Health's Australia team member: Vinod Nair

Vinod Nair

Chief Executive Officer

Hello Health's Australia team member: Steven Johnson

Steven Johnson

Vice President, Sales

Hello Health's Australia team member: Michael Sculley

Michael Sculley

Vice President, Marketing

Hello Health's Australia team member: Dennis Fredrickson

Dennis Fredrickson

VP of Finance and Accounting