Patient Engagement

Improving Patient Experience Through Patient Engagement Tools

The Hello Health EHR, Practice Management software and Patient Portal allow doctors and medical clinics to include patients in their healthcare journey and shift most of the responsibility onto themselves.

The Patient Portal gives patients the ability to send messages to their provider directly from their secure account. It also allows them to view shared visit notes, prescriptions, lab reports, documentation and more. These tools not only improve access to care but empower patients and increase positive outcomes.

Hello Health's Australia: Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging

Patients have the ability to send secure messages to their doctors from their portal account. These messages are received through a form of e-mail by doctors, who can choose to communicate with them at their convenience. This increases access to care for patients and frees up phone lines.

Hello Health's Australia: Patient Outreach

Patient Outreach

Hello Health has built-in intelligence features that can assign tailored educational content to certain patients through the patient education tab within the Hello Health EHR. You can search by medication, diagnosis, lab or procedure and easily send any educational content necessary to patients, ensuring they have easy access to MedlinePlus® content.

Hello Health's Australia:  Patient Portal

Patient Portal

The Hello Health Patient Portal provides patients with the full digital healthcare experience that they expect in today’s technological world. Doctors can share prescriptions, important documentation, secure messages, visit notes and more with their patients, directly through their portal account. Their account is available 24/7 from anywhere and includes a mobile app!