Effective Care Coordination

Benefits of Care Coordination

Effective care coordination means practices do more for their patients, and for their staff. It means having the ability to smoothly manage referrals to specialists and seamlessly hand-off patients within the practice. It also means being able to build and maintain more robust outreach programs that identify patients who need tailored educational material.

Hello Health's Australia: Task Management

Task Management

Hello Health includes a dashboard that centralizes the many communications around a patient and helps make teams accountable. Assign, track and prioritize tasks, set deadlines, and link tasks to specific patient charts so that you can better manage your practice and devote more time to patient care.

Hello Health's Australia: Orders


Practices and doctors using Hello Health can easily increase the efficiency of their referral process by securely exchanging patient information through direct addresses. Within the Hello Health EHR, doctors can send referrals to other specialists and securely join any relevant patient information directly from their file.

Hello Health's Australia: Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging

The Hello Health system includes secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging that looks and feels just like e-mail, so staff can safely and easily manage patient communications. The secure messaging application within the system also reduces the number of incoming calls to the practice and tracks and documents patient requests and questions. Patients can send these messages directly from their patient portal account.

Hello Health's Australia: Patient Outreach

Patient Outreach

Hello Health includes powerful tools within its software that promote care coordination at every level. The system has built-in intelligence that tailor’s patient health education materials by diagnosis, medication, lab or procedure. This ensures patients have easy access to important MedlinePlus® content.