Electronic Health Record for Independent Medical Practices

What Features Make the Hello Health EHR Great?

One of the features doctors appreciate most about the Hello Health EHR is how versatile it is. With clinical workflows and templates customizable to each practice, doctors and medical practices can truly feel like the technology was made for them.

The fact that it is cloud-based also allows doctors to work from anywhere. The portability of the EHR allows doctors to treat patients within the clinic and continue any additional work required or follow-ups from home.

Charting and Notes

Save time by choosing existing templates or customizing them based on your preferences. Visit notes can be easily populated through free text or dictation – the choice is yours. You also have the freedom of choosing what notes you want to share, if at all, with your patients within their patient portal account.

Hello Health's Australia: Charting and Notes

Documentation Management

Easily find, save and share all your files (images, faxes, lab results, etc.) associated with a patient record and view it right through the platform. You can allow your peers to review and add remarks to existing files, maximizing care coordination. All patient files are securely accessible from wherever you are, giving your practice the mobility and flexibility it needs.

Hello Health's Australia: Documentation Management


Hello Health is SureScripts® certified for prescription routing to over 68,000 pharmacies nationwide, saving you time and increasing convenience for your patients. You can also electronically prescribe controlled substances (EPCS) through Hello Health. Patients can also request prescription refills within their patient portal account, allowing you to fill requests quickly and easily, all within the EHR.

Hello Health's Australia: E-Prescribing

Lab Reports

Labs can be easily ordered and results are sent directly to the platform. Hello Health offers free integrations with the major laboratories for your convenience. Doctors can also share results with their patients by sending them to their patient portal account, cutting down on follow-up calls and incoming calls to the practice.

Hello Health's Australia: Lab Reports

Benefits of a Cloud-Based EHR

The Hello Health Electronic Health Record allows all practice staff to easily promote patient-centered care through comprehensive documentation that can be easily and securely shared within the practice and with patients.

Care coordination is seamless thanks to accessible visit notes, online prescriptions, patient outreach programs and more. Everything is securely accessible within the cloud, giving doctors the freedom to practice from anywhere, whether it be at the office or at home.

  • Safe and secure
  • Accessible from anywhere with Internet
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Free updates and upgrades
  • Increased accessibility and collaboration
  • Referral Program